Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reusing Canvas

Over the years I have given myself permission to reuse old canvas painting that I myself have painted. I find it therapeutic to move forward in my work, learning from the old to create something new.  No one but me knows the developmental stages that my painting has gone through, it's my secret.  

It's akin to growing older, you have many experience that you don't share with everyone.  I find this process of letting go of the past challenging sometimes, but ultimately very rewarding in the end.  

This piece I did probable painted 12 years ago, and feel it really needs so help.

Today update looks like this, 

Now I have to let it dry overnight, while I consulate with my muse regarding the next step.  Creativity is just so much fun!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Living in Missouri

It's been a huge change moving to O'Fallon, Missouri for me.  The one constant in my life has been my artwork.  With Randy at work and Sarah off at school, I have hours alone.
No luck finding employment so I'm busying making work for myself.

The good new is I'll be teaching this fall, and will share that information later.  Here's a glimpse of some of my work.

More pictures to come,  please leave a comment.  


Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Commision

While at my husbands' Christmas party, I was sharing a few pictures of my calligraphic work, hoping to sell some of my fabric Christmas ornaments.  So, it was indeed a pleasant surprise to receive a commission instead.

My client had just one request, no girly / fancy script.  This request allowed for my artistic interpretations.  My challenge was finding the magic to bring these words to life.   After several attempts at different lettering styles and rough drafts I was still just looking at words.  It was during a conversation with my husband, where I was explaining that the right combinations of lettering styles and artwork would bring the quote to life.  My dear husband made a few suggestions and one of them touched my heart and I knew the direction for this piece.

When my client saw the piece she was brought to tears and had to send me this picture as soon as she had a framed.    What a wonderful Christmas present for me as well!

I love being an artist, student, teacher and connoisseur of Calligraphy - the art of beautiful lettering.

Your Creative Friend

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Ornament

How time flies when your world has been turned upside down.  Since my last post we have  sold our old home, moved to a different state, purchased a new home all for my husband's new job.  Despite what life has thrown my way, my creative spirit still finds a way to shine. Here is one of the many projects going on in my studio. In the past I have made star shaped ornaments, but this year the heart shape was my inspiration.  I really enjoy making this little ornament and thought I would share the techniques on how to make them.  

Here is my supply list: 1) muslin 2) FW Ink red (pick your favorite reds) 3) white acrylic paint 4) textile medium (this helps spread the acrylic paint) 5) Pearlizing Medium  6) Fabric Paint gold color 7) Glamour Dust ultra fine glitter paint 8) Golden Iridescent Gold (Fine) a 1/2 inch flat brush, a vintage pointed nib, and uni-ball Signo white pen.  

Cut your muslin into sheets of 11 x 17, or whatever size you like.

 Then paint the fabric and let it dry.

Using your  brush, nib and pen to create texture with different lettering styles.  While this is drying,  letter the word JOY on a small piece of painted muslin, once dry add a piece of burlap and sew together

Using your heart stencil cut out your shapes, sew everything together and stuff.   

Enjoy making your one of a kind ornament this season.  You can purchase my heart ornament at my Etsy store.  

Your Creative Friend,

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Summit At Colorado Springs

This year has been very tumultuous for my family, but in the mist of all this crazy life of mine, I was rewarded with a scholarship from a wonderful organization,  The Dancing Letters Scholarship Fund.  
I submitted my paperwork, fully expecting to be declined. In fact I had to reread my acceptance email several times before understanding that I had in fact received scholarship monies to attend.  So unexpected, and thrilled  to attend The Summit in Colorado Springs this summer.

Well, that is where I will be next Sunday for a week with my instructor Laurie Doctor, who I've admired for years.  I would say that I'm most definitely PASSIONATE about my calligraphy and so grateful to The Dancing Letters Scholarship Fund for making this possible for me at this insane time in my life.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Creative Process

Here is a glimpse into the creative process,  it's as simple as having water color paint close by to play with and I just love this travel palette.

 I start of with some water color paper, water filled brush and I begin to paint the pots.

 This palette is made by Koi, and has become one of my favorite art accessories, it goes where ever I go.
I have made my leaves and stems
 Now I have added my flowers
Finally I add the text that has been chosen using a vintage nib and my wonderful FW ink.

Have a wonderful creative week.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun Art Pieces

It's time to share my new creations "Believe" and "Sing".  Both pieces are painted on canvas paper using acrylic paints and FW Inks.

Hope you are having a creative week.