Sunday, July 31, 2011

Decorative Bali Lantern Workshop

Decorative Bali Lantern Workshop

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of teaching how to make a Decorative Bali Lantern which is fashioned after the Balinese lanterns made for celebrations.  The twist is in the material used to make the lantern.  My student, Kristen graduated from college with an art degree, and is now teaching art to high school students.  So this was a time for Kristen to explore and be inspired and possibly teach this to her students in the future.  After talking about products, materials and doing some demonstrations, it was time for Kristen to work.  In this workshop, I gave Kristen the option to make a large or small lantern.

 demonstration with a smile

Kristen working on her background

Kristen lettering her panels 

Kristen's lantern panels

One happy student!  Love It!!

Here are a couple of lanterns I recently completed.  This quote is all mine!!!

It's also fun to make triangle shape lanterns

This is the lantern that was published in Somerset Studio Magazine
In closing, I would like to thank my dear teacher Lisa Engelbrecht for the inspirational video.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's New in the Studio

As I promised, I'm sharing one of the projects I'm working on in the studio.  The piece below was about to receive the finishing touches when I noticed the error I made. 


Back to the drawing board, and unfortunately I managed to get ink spots on the next 2 attempts.

This is a small corner of my work table, my original pieces is in the bottom right hand corner, above it is  the one missing a word, the center piece is ready for me to paint.  

My final attempt included inspiration from the previous attempts. All painted and ready for the next step, so I'm going back to work now to complete this pieces.

Alright, here it is completed.

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