Sunday, June 27, 2010


This unquie chandelier was given to me by my aunt, who had unfortunately misplaced the crystals many years ago. After spending several years in the basement wrapped in a box completely forgotten I decided to hang this chandelier in my newly painted studio. All I needed were crystals, but the crystals I wanted were way to pricey. "What would I use in place of crystals?" While out shopping one day I saw a table top chandelier in a hardware store with a plastic shade. This gave me an idea! However, ironicaly, this plastic can't be bought in any hardware store. Thanks to the internet I found a
company in CA that made this beautiful vinyl material for various types of lighting aplications in many different colors. I selected this beautiful yellowish, red, gold color, punched out the circles, used earring links, and jump rings to hang each circle from the metal rings. I love the way it looks.