Monday, August 9, 2010

Blue Jean Fun

I do love my skirts, however who doesn't love a good worn out pair of blue jeans. These jeans had been sitting around with a huge whole in the knee, waiting to be repaired for so long that they no longer fit my son. Yes, they are boy jeans -- my son doesn't need to know. Anyway, I was inspired to experiment on them with my fabric paints. Of course, as you know with one idea, the flood gates open and I start pulling out fabric pieces already painted, stamped, and incorporating my "ART SAVES "panel for CRESCENDOh, and adding a ruffles. The lettering is my own alphabet design, named "Fanciful Outline" and can be purchased at Stampington & Company. I had so much fun, fun, fun.....I think I'm going to paint my jean jacket next.