Friday, April 16, 2010


Where did the month of April go, it zipped by with lighting speed. We had spring break, then prom for my boys, and my husband's birthday. Jacob and his friend Sarah made the tux and prom dress out of duct tape. We did spend some time getting this done, and of course it was all last minute. They look wonderful don't you think! I learned a few things about colored duct tape and the things you can create. I couldn't end this without including a picture of my son Alex and his date Elizabeth.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunny Day & Green Colors

It's an absolutely beautiful day, I've enjoyed sitting outside, listening to the birds singing and the sound of young children playing. As my thoughts drifted with the light breezes that passes
my mind notices all the colors popping out of the earth. The most obvious color is green. Its like being in one giant green room. This inspired me to hang up my Bali lantern to see how it would be illuminated by the green background. Here are a few pictures.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

struggles with negative thoughts

Do you ever struggle with negative self talk? My insecurities will arise like a monster becoming an obstacle in my creative path. For example, I'm almost always experimenting with some new tool, idea, or surface and my monster creates all kinds of doubt, saying hurtful things like: "You haven't a clue what you're doing,' 'who's ever going to like that,' 'look, you made another mistake,' 'you might as well give it all up!" It's all very counterproductive to have thoughts running amuck while inspiration is speaking. Some days I lose the fight completely. Other days I will crank my music to muffle the noises in my head. Despite this mental torture, I'm still compelled to create. It's an undetered invisible force, pushing me forward. This is what drives me to enter my artwork into varies places, hoping that I'll receive affirmations, acceptance, love, and yes of course a buyer. It's affirming to receive notice and even better when someone desires your artwork. This helps me when I battle the monster!

Monday, April 5, 2010

new wall hanging

My new wall hanging is titled "FAMILY," this piece can be purchase at my Etsy store.