Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lettering Spontaneously

Calligraphy or lettering and the magic that happens when I'm working spontaneously without too much planning gives me the most pleasure.  Yes, I feel its necessary to practice the basics, however, I find it  becomes more fun when I let myself play with different techniques, instruments, and styles. 

So I'm going to begin a series called "Lettering Spontaneously." You will see samples of spontaneous lettering.  Sure, some will be filed in the trash, others will be saved to create more structured pieces of inspiration.

Just playing with my pens, markers, paint brushes to letter everyday on envelopes for your kids, bills, anything I have to mail, has been something I've been doing for years.  It is a fun way to practice and develop my own style. Today, while I was going through my book of quotes, I stumbled on a quote that spoke to me and I just knew I had to letter the quote.   I love being spontaneous, creating unrestrained lettering in the moment, without planning it out.

Don't be shy. Play with your letters!