Monday, August 15, 2011

Diamond in the Rough

This piece has led me on a journey of self discovery. I had a mision, and a plan for the canvas when I purchased it and started painting immediately.  Everything stopped as soon as I asked myself the simple question of "What do I do now?"  My answer was to hang it on the wall, and wait for some insight.  While flipping through my son's street art book, I found myself intrigued with a spray paint drip technique used on many different surfaces. This sent me into my studio to explore and play with this technique on my piece.  I loved the results created from the running paint. 

(Added the running, dripping technique)

Now I had to think about what quote I would use,  not just any quote.  Ultimately I was moved to express what I truly wanted to receive as an artist from my own community and the world.  The words flowed out of me, revealing the desire to be treated with the same positive and affirming praise I had seen other artists receive.

(Lettering my quote)

It is my belief that we all  desire to be accepted and embraced by our peers.  It is an added bonus when our artwork is purchased.  Not all of us are embraced this way by the world because we are seen as accomplished or threatening.  

(The yellow and orange in this piece represents the light inside ourselves trying to shine)

 Criticism can be devastating, and I struggle anytime I'm on the receiving end. Nevertheless, my desire to create was not diminished and I found myself back in my studio creating with an even stronger resolve to grow.

(Adding center lettering and gold to complete my piece)

I know this piece is far from perfect, however it is perfectly me, and to think any other way would be counter productive.  Art is an expression of ones heart, therefore, there is no right or wrong.  Creating art is my meditation. It can be my best friend, my teacher, or an expression of love.  It's my hope that this piece will be thought provoking. I'll close with something to ponder. Would praise and encouragement bring out the jewel that is the diamond in the rough?

Your Creative Friend

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