Monday, August 8, 2011

Bag it Abstract

Just playing around in my studio as usual,  my inspiration was stirred today by the music I was playing.

The first piece is a bag that I just had to paint, then letter and sew for my notes to the universe. This piece needs some embellishment, a tag, and whatever else I think of before I added my notes.

This second piece is an abstract in which only the background was done. At the time I completely lost my inspiration and direction.  It's been hanging on my wall for several months, awaiting my inner courage to arise and conquer the fear, while slaying away the negative thoughts.  Today, I was empowered to be free and open to new possilblities deep within myself.  Yes, I know it's a little dramatic, but what fun to have such lofty ideas floating around in my mind.  I will say that I was inspiring to reach beyond my fear of messing it up.

It's time to get back to work. Don't worry, I'll show you the completed piece.

Your Creative Friend

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