Friday, August 3, 2012

Feel the Spray

We recently found out that Delta Airlines, our parent company has elected to shut down Comair Airlines.  My husband has worked for Comair  as a pilot, instructor, and check airmen for 23 years. All that will end on Sept 29th 2012.  My entire family is going through a variety of emotions, which include fear of the unknown, the what if's, where do we go, what about the children, etc...

To handle some of this stress I've encouraged my husband to attend art class with me the past couple of weeks.  I figured if it helps me relieve some stress, it may help my husband.  I find it allows me to put all my worries aside for a couple of hours.  In this environment we are encouraged by the instructor to create from the heart, opening ourselves to the possibilities.   I'm always transported to a place of meditation allowing a sense of  peace to enter my heart. Here's the result of our latest class, mine's titled "Feel the Spray," and my husband's pieces is titled "Bell Flowers."

This is when I realized that none of us really know our future, that fear of the unknown is normal, and that anger is a by product of fear and that's unproductive.  

The wave in the painting for me represents how life sometimes crashes upon my world/family (the rock), but the rock will continue despite all the waves that come.

Your Creative Friend


  1. My husband and I went through something like this about 5 years ago. I know how frightened you must feel. My sales manager used to tell me many years ago when bad things seem to happen: "God bless the disaster". I know that sounds strange but it means that you become more creative in your thinking process. My husband ended up starting his own consulting business. In the end he makes more money now than before. We just have to set money aside for the lean times. Try not to be afraid it just makes you more fearful and is very negative. Painting will help him to think outside of the box. Hang in there!
    Hugs and good thoughts,

  2. The paintings are beautiful, both of them. I find it interesting that your husband painted such a tranquil scene, and yours is so electric! xoxo lori