Friday, August 24, 2012

Being Published

Along my artistic journey one of the greatest pleasures I've received is being publish in Stampington & Company magazines.  I was eager to submit my first piece, but just couldn't seem to get it in the mail.  My husband finally took it and mailed it! My shock turned to thrill and amazememt when I learned I was going to be published in Somerset Studios 10th Anniversary Issue in 2007.

The thrill of being published never dies for me, its sort of like Sally Fields when she made her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, "You like me, You really like me!" It's priceless to me.  To add another special touch to this story, this is Somerset Studio's 15th year.  What a wonderful privilege and honor to share the pages of this magazine with so many talented artist's.

To see my artwork along with many other wonderful pieces, please go out and buy your copy of this magazine.

Your Creative Friend

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