Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jewelry & Friends

Plans had been made for me and two of my new girlfriends, Colleen Pike and Victoria Miller, to attend the Little Black Dress event sponsored by Summerfair in Cincinnati.  Unfortunately, Colleen couldn't attend, but after seeing the jewelry she makes I asked if she would consider making a custom piece.  Colleen asked what my dress looked like, and if I liked color, pearls, bling. I had a sneak peak of the necklace and was so excited.

My necklace arrived beautifuly packaged with a lovely tag and card. My favorite part is that Colleen didn't know when she made the necklace that I love the dresses and jewelry of the 1920's Art Deco era. It's so wonderful to make new friends. Colleen somehow was able to tap into who I am and it showed in this piece.  

I look forward to wearing this necklace.  To learn more about Colleen stop by her website here:

Your Creative Friend


  1. Susan, You look beautiful in your simple black dress!

  2. Sweet Susan!!! You look marvelous my dear in your new necklace!!!! Oh there are so many wonderful artists out there! I am so grateful for blogging that has allowed me to meet creative people who not only create, but inspire.

    Thank you for liking my shoes! Go to my Etsy shop to view more paper creations. I am loving my summer which is allowing me time to create MORE so I can have a larger inventory.

    BE WELL and have FUN! Anita