Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do What You Love - Lettering

I really like this quote: " Let the beauty of what you Love be what you do," it speaks to my soul.  I started out with a used canvas with many layers.   My tools were a flat brush, pointed brush, acrylic paints, stamp and stencil.  The calligrapher in me gets very picky and is not happy with the lettering, but the abstract artist in me loves the unconventional approach of the letters.  The fact is when using acrylic paint on a rough surface you will not have smooth consistent letter shapes, but you will have letters with character.

Finished piece, maybe.

1)  I try not to plan where my words are going to be as I want an abstract feel to my work.  

2)  After I stamped my owl, it was time to add some other colors.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope your having a wonderful creative week



  1. I know I said this before but I love your lettering! Very nice!

  2. Hi Susan - I saw a comment you'd made about taking an online class from Thomas Ingmire. Can you please give me some direction on how I can do that also. Are there other online classes you recommend? Thanks, Janet

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  3. Hi Janet - Thomas Ingmire has a straight forward website where his classes are listed. However, his classes require you to mail your work directly to him for correction and critic. I would only recommend his classes to those who have a calligraphic foundation, because you have to work independently. I have not taken any other online calligraphy classes because I'm working on calligraphy classes for my site. Hope this helps. Susan