Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Gift for the Bride

My best friend's son is getting married Sept. 4th and I was honored when my friend commissioned me to create a keepsake handkerchief for the bride. The plan was to buy a few ladies handkerchiefs to play with, but they are not easy to find and are expensive. So I turn to the fabric I already had in my studio, which was soft muslin. Next step was to antique the fabric, then I use my alphabet design for the lettering. I painted the branches on (similarly to the artwork on the wedding invitation), added the lace trim, small pearls, and the blue rose.
This handkerchief will be presented with a special gift for the bride before the wedding. I hope she likes it


  1. Oh my goodness!!! This is amazing..she is going to love love love it!!! inspire ME! xoxoxo

  2. NOW ISN'T THIS AMAZING? I love being an artist...we always think of an alternative way to present a gift. This is so lovely, and the bride is going to enjoy it even more since it is one of a kind! Great job! Oh how I love creating; I am working on two of my books and I hope to finish some loose ends today. It is way too hot to be outside anyway! Enjoy the week and thank you SusieQ for coming! Yes, La Belle Inspiration should be a wonderful collection of diverse points of view on many fun and artistic aspects of creativity! Anita

  3. What a beautiful idea! So lovely...just wanted to pop in and say thankyou for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog - it's always lovely to meet new kindreds x