Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Best Friends

I asked myself today, "what does it mean to have a best friend?" My husband has been my best friend for years, he has always supported my every endeavor and sees beyond my flaws. But in this case I'm referring to girlfriends. Cultivating a friendship with other women is in itself an art form. Finding a friend that speaks the same language as you do, or at least understands and appreciates your language is a challenge. There are times I'm drawn back to my studio to create. You see, I find my friends in my studio, in my artwork, in the exploration and creation of some idea that takes a hold of me until it's completed. For me a best friend would be someone who listens, supports, and celebrates life's ups and downs. I tend to spend more time in my studio creating new friends who, despite our differences, accept me for who I am, while encouraging me to search deeper. There is always a sense of love, acceptance, freedom to be myself . Don't get me wrong, I treasure my girlfriends and hope to make more along my journey outside my studio. In closing, my question for you is : who are your friends and how do you cultivate your friendships?

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