Monday, March 29, 2010

New Apron

Do you ever wonder where you get your creative ideas from? Do you find they strike when you are cleaning your studio, the house or just as you're falling asleep. My creative juices were flowing in a lettering on canvas workshop. In this class we had to paint several different background panels for lettering, but I found myself stumped when it was time to letter. My vision and inspiration had evaporated as I looked at my backgrounds. I was frustrated with the lack of ideas to complete what was intended to be a wall hanging. No matter how hard I tried to force various ideas, nothing jelled. History has taught me to trust in the powers of artistic development, and set this piece aside. I continued to work on other projects and taking care of my family utterly unaware of the thought brewing in my mind. Then inspiration struck, one night before I fell asleep. It's an apron, not a wall hanging! With that issue solved I slept like a baby, dreaming about the possibilities. I was out the door once the family had left. I had fabric shopping to do, and I wanted to get back into my studio to create. Embarking on my creative journey, was a joy, I allowed myself to cut the canvas, stencil and lettered freely. With this
freedom I was able to complete this apron. If you are interested this apron maybe purchased on Etsy.

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